Tuesday, April 08, 2014

new blog


One of the newest Retro Challenge paintings - 
the view of the Algodones plateau coming back from a late Santa Fe day trip.
To see all of the completed paintings so far, click here.
To purchase a Retro paintings, see the link on the right side of this page.
Next week, I am starting on ornaments and my first large painting.
It should be fun!


You guys know that I've been playing around with a personal blogsite for a couple of years.
I write there when I have time and my goal for this blog
is for it to be a personal space where I can write what I want,
post photos of what I want, ramble on about anything and everything,
and just be my personal journal to the world.

I keep having trouble with google - things like passwords 
and not being able to get where I want to go.
SO, I have moved my personal blog to wordpress and changed the title slightly.

Instead of mudbaths and moonbeams, it is now called "mudbaths or moonbeams.
It will be ready to roll soon.

I have a huge wordpress manual and if I ever get time,
I'm going to learn all the ins and outs of wordpress.

Once I finish that and am totally wordpress "smart", I will move my art blog there too.

Until then, I will just keep writing and posting photographs of my life and activities.
I hope you will join me on my journey.....

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