Tuesday, April 15, 2014

scenes from a wedding

We had our first wedding at the house last weekend.
A small one, twenty-five guests.

Lots of cleaning and sprucing up!

Below are a few photos:

 This is a view of the small courtyard right by my studio door.
The guests entered this way to go to the backyard.

 A sign my daughter asked me to make at the entrance to the courtyard.
Just pallet boards cut and painted with acrylic paint.

 The wedding area.
This bride wanted a very simple wedding with no frills.
As you can see, the grass is not totally green yet.

 The bride and her father walking down the "aisle."

 Saying their vows.
The celebrant said that she specializes in offbeat, non-traditional weddings.

My daughter Maggie and my granddaughter Sawyer, watching the proceedings from inside.

We're thinking we might have a new career path - planning weddings!


  1. Beautiful all the way around. You have time to add weddings to your agenda? You are going to start meeting yourself coming.

  2. The wedding idea is probably just that...an idea. Too lazy to do anything about it at this point!