Sunday, April 06, 2014


Life is just rolling right along.
I've been busy with the retro Challenge, getting my back yard cleaned up and
ready for a wedding this weekend, enjoying my new granddaughter, trying to work out, 
going to physical therapy for achilles tendonitis, and am itching to get out on the road again.

The Retro Challenge is going well. I've mapped out a schedule that (hopefully)
will let me finish a few weeks before the show opens at Weems, so I can catch my breath.

It was harder than I thought, especially at the beginning - painting with acrylics again.
My acrylics are looser and much runnier than oils. And dry out faster.
And once the painting is actually done - holy crap, 
it's still not done, I have to do all of the linework!

But as I see them on the wall, I am starting to feel a sense of accomplishment.
Why have a challenge is it's not going to be a little tough and stretch your capabilities?

I am planning a day trip soon, actually several of them.
I will probably take my plein air oil gear
and take tons of photos for the acrylic paintings.

The thing about using photos for painting - 
some artists do and some artists don't.
For me, if I use a photo, it takes me right back to that beautiful 
place and time and after the initial block in I put the photo away
and the painting takes on a life all its own.

I consider my photo a jumping off point for creativity.

For retro Challenge paintings - 

To view all completed paintings click here.

The Weems Show is in September.
If you see a painting you like and want to have, follow the 
instructions in the link on the right hand side of this page.

Viva Spring!


  1. Yes girl, you have the retro challenge well in hand. I ALWAYS love your color schemes.

  2. Carol, thanks, I am already behind schedule!