Wednesday, May 07, 2014

About the Retro Challenge


I am getting close to the #100 mark on my Retro Challenge.
That means I will have completed fifty paintings
 and only have 100 more to go before September 26th.

I will admit, this has been my hardest challenge so far.

My good friend and collector passed away in January,
less than two months before the challenge started.
and I didn't realize how much he affected me and my painting life.

I lost my motivation for a while.
I didn't want to come into the studio.
I didn't want to think about art or go to work.
I still have paintings in here that I've painted for him.
I miss his daily feedback on all of my paintings.
Tom was my most passionate supporter and I am completing this challenge for him.

So I am slowly getting back into it again.
I am loving the acrylics and I have missed the lines!
I hope you're enjoying them too.

I am starting on ornaments this weekend.
I hope to have fifty done by the show in September.
I'll post the progression of one so you can see how I paint them.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me when I didn't feel like doing it.
Thanks to those of you who sent me nice words about Tom.
When the going gets tough...
the touch get going.



  1. Your work is always joy to see. I like the line work when you use acrylics as much as when you use oil.
    I admire your sensitive dedication to your friend.
    Grief is part of life, but never easy. I am so truly sorry to hear of your loss.

  2. Thanks Julie,
    I am getting over it, I just didn't realize it would affect me so profoundly. Thanks for the nice comments.
    I love your work so much, you always inspire me to keep on keeping on!
    Have you ever thought about putting your work on
    Pretty cheap and reaches a lot of people....