Friday, May 16, 2014


oil on panel framed

Since I'm in the acrylic "zone" these days, I haven't had time to paint any oils.
And I do miss them.

There's just something about that juice texture that I love.

It is almost hollyhock season here!
This is a stand of hollyhocks against a grey adobe wall.

What makes this painting work for me is the overall soft effect and the juiciness of the negative space between the flowers.

This painting is available for purchase by clicking HERE.


  1. You really do have juicy texture. Are not unable to achieve the same look with acrylics? I love this and must get some hollyhocks planted.

  2. No, my acrylics are pretty thin, I need that in order to put the lines in after. I do love the lines but I'm not gonna lie, I miss my oils.
    I'm going to try to paint at least one this weekend. I would love to go paint at Los Poblanos or somewhere!
    Or I may just drive around and take a bunch of photos of flowers around town.