Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Retro Process


These are the next three wanna-be paintings in the Retro Challenge:
a group of dancers
Canyon Women and a harvest
Chimayo in the fall


Canyon Women


Most of you already know that I use a toned red ground.
I will usually tone about 16-20 canvases or panels at a time and
believe me, they are spread out all over the studio.

While the canvases are drying, I will think about what I want to paint that day.
Since they're not plein air paintings, I choose from a huge
rolling trolley of alphabetized reference photos.

Once I have my photos, I loosely sketch the scene in acrylic paint.
Even when I work in oils, I use acrylic paint for the sketching.

The color is a medium brown - purple tone.
I mix it with a lot of water, sketch the scene, 
and then blot it all over with a paper towel.

There are reasons for this:
- the paper towel removes any thick splotches of color 
that might show through in the final painting
- it also removes the harder outlines of the sketching and makes it blurry,
sort of like my own unique version of squinting.
Now, I am ready to paint!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your technique. I can't wait to hear what comes next. I especially want to know about the lines!