Tuesday, March 29, 2016

challenges and changes

Hi all,


For the longest time I have dreamed of selling and marketing
 my own work and I am working to make that happen.

 I have a beautiful property full of grass, trees, and space,
that has just been waiting for the right idea.

My goal within the next couple of years is to build 
a large studio/gallery/workshop building at the back of my home.

I want a space where I can have my own big shows, teach workshops,
paint full time, hold art retreats, and have great parties.

I have pulled all of my paintings out of my galleries
(thank you Weems and Sumner and Dene)
and brought them home to my studio.

I have so many plans that I'm still working on
and I will share them with you as they happen.

My first big project of course, is the new 
150 Challenge show, "FACES AND PLACES."

I am creating 150 paintings in 150 days for $150 each.
The Challenge paintings are available now to purchase
through Paypal as soon as they come off of the easel.

Instead of having a show at the end of the Challenge,
I am having a big New Mexican 
  on Sunday, July 17 
under the cottonwood trees in my north valley home.
Great food, music, and more!

 is FREE but you MUST 
CALL or EMAIL me to be included on the guest list.

The party is limited to the first 60 people who register.

I am also having a special STUDIO SALE during
the party and you will be able to see my studio 
and take your pick of many paintings offered with special pricing.

My long range goals are to create a space for my shows,
small intimate weddings, workshops, retreats, 
a meeting space for artist groups, plein air events, 
demonstrations, and possibly even workshops taught by other artists.
I will also have a little store for my greeting cards,
 posters, tote bags, calendars and more.

As you can see, the wheels are turning!
I am filled with excitement at the possibilities.
I may possibly even write a book about the ongoing project.

I hope you will follow along with me.

I hope you will watch the 150 Challenge Show being created
and purchase a painting if you find one that speaks to you.

I think that art makes our world a much more beautiful place.
I think it uplifts people's spirits and makes them appreciate
the creative spirit that exists everywhere.
Art is beautiful and the creative process is awe-inspiring.

So, follow along with me and join the community by signing up
to receive emails on the right side of this page.

For more information about the 150 Challenge and to register
for the free 
you can email me at dshadowtail@aol.com
or call me at 505-792-1030.

Remember, limited to the first 60 people!

 To see the 150 Challenge show paintings as they are created:

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  1. Thanks Natasa,
    It will be an exciting (and scary)adventure!