Wednesday, March 09, 2016

beauty close to home

Feeling better today, but no painting yet.
Being sick is the time to rest and the ideas about life and work are flowing.
For now,
beautiful photos of spring and summer!

Oh, and to my artist friends, you are welcome to paint from any of these photos
as long as you credit me, the photographer!
If you do, send it to me and I will post your painting on my blog.

 peonies from my backyard

 columbine from my back yard

 poppies in the neighborhood

 poppies from down on Solar Rd.

 I think these are poppies from a road in Dietz farms

roses from outside my studio

 hollyhocks off of Fourth Street

 hollyhocks near Chimayo

 Bird of Paradise from a neighborhood off of Fourth Street

 A Dietz Farm home full of Bachelor Buttons and hollyhocks

 beautiful Jerusalem artichokes in bloom

 not sure what these are - Los Poblanos Inn and cultural Center Los Ranchos
You can see the lotus leaves and flowers in the background

 Bachelor Button field in Corrales

 Roses and a million other flowers - beautiful garden in Corrales

 Poppies and roses, Corrales

 Beautiful scene - red poppies and colorful background flowers, Dietz farm 
(I think)

 Larkspur, one of my favorite flowers - Corrales

 Not sure what these are, but they were a hit at last year's Corrales Garden Tour

 beautiful pear cactus blooms in my neighborhood

 Cholla cactus blooms in my neighborhood

Daisies? Sunflowers? Black-eyed Susans?

I hope you enjoyed this lovely scenic tour of some of my favorite 
flower and garden photos from last year.
I can't wait to get out there and do my day trip, plein air, 
photo-taking excursions soon!


  1. Wonderful wonderful photographs of flowers. You talent is immense. I have missed you!

  2. I have missed you too Carol - just finished reading about all of your HUGE plans for this summer. How fun! let's go to lunch!