Sunday, March 20, 2016

Corrales is Cool

Hi all,

I went to Corrales Bosque Gallery today to the opening reception of a
BENEFIT SHOW to benefit the Corrales Historical Society's Old Church renovation project
ROCK (Restore Old Church Kindly) fund.
40% of the day's sales will be a tax deductible donation to the Corrales Historical Society.
The show runs through June 14, 2016.

 The first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful painting 
by my friend Barbara Clark.
Barbara paints on a black surface and this painting is just wonderful and whimsical.

 I also saw this cool old car/truck in front of the gallery.
It has a handmade license plate that says, "Artists live in Corrales."
Well of course they do!

 This scene was down a little dirt road.
I envisioned a bunch of artists gathering here after a long day 
of plein air painting and just hanging out, watching the sunset.

 This is an old place with a wonderful view of the Sandia mountains at midday.

 Up close and personal view of some kind of blossoming tree against a fence.
Maybe I will go back in a week to take another photo after they have opened.

 chamisa against a latilla wall

 Whoa, this forsythia was brilliant gold yellow today.
This would make a pretty painting.

 An old old house with lots of character.
Why all the stumps?

 My favorite irrigation gate and ditch.
Something about it just makes me want to get on a tractor and plant things.

 Oh wait, there's an empty tractor just waiting for me!
Darn it, he already plowed.

 There's that forsythia in the bright sunlight.
I even think this would make a nice abstract painting.
I love the way the branches curve downward in the middle.

 A pretty adobe with blue window and forsythia

 Then I meandered over to Los Poblanos.
I was going to the farm store but they have it closed off.
Evidently they are building a farm-to-table restaurant there.
Now THAT should be amazing.
And probably expensive.

 The actual farm buildings

While I was in Corrales, my husband opened up the irrigation and flooded the yard. 
Yep, spring is REALLY here now!

 This is Roy.
He HATES water of any kind and hates to get his feet wet.
Except drinking.
He looks a little cautious.

 Water coming around the side

 This is Bella.
She LOVES water.
She knows when Mac is going to open the gate and she waits right by it.
Her ears are up and alert!
 As soon as the water comes out, she tried to chase it and gallops 
along ahead of it. She bounds through it just like a deer.
I don't know if you can tell, but she is wet from the chest down.

 Another view

 This is the small ditch running along the inside of our property.
All of the fruit trees are being watered.

 The crabapple trees are in full bloom now.

 Beautiful shade

 Roy says, "NOPE. No water for me. I am staying here where it's dry."
Roy is 10 years old and very smart.

Oh, and these were the two things I bought at the gallery.
An miniature encaustic piece titled, 'PEARLS" by Dianna Shoemaker

and a digital photograph by Elzbieta Kaleta titled "ADOBE RESIDENT."

This is the first "anything" I've ever bought that has a crow or raven in it.
So I am helping the Corrales church
 and enriching my walls with this beautiful work.

Now I have to actually make some art myself!
To watch the 150 CHALLENGE SHOW being created,
click on the new blog HERE.

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