Friday, August 26, 2016

business and busyness

Gosh, I have been busy!

Taking a lot of photos these last few weeks.
Gorgeous flower garden

 The Old Church in Corrales.
I don't know why, I am really drawn to Corrales right now.
A group of us are painting there twice a week and it is challenging but fun.

 Hollyhocks in Santa Fe

I went to Santa Fe a couple of weeks to hear Carl Judson speak.
He is the owner of Judson Outfitters and
travels all over America, painting whenever and 
wherever he feels like. Very nice and knowledgeable man!

 Right off of Canyon Road

 Bernalillo on the way home

 There was also a wedding - my oldest
daughter got married. We had a blast!

 Mariachis included

 Back to Corrales
Harvest workers

 Trumpet vine shadows

 Desert willow and the mountains

 Commission I just finished

 Corrales cornfields

 Santa Fe colors

 near Algodones

 North Beach - painting in Corrales

 Sandia mountains starting to light up

 on fire


 from North Beach

 Painting in Corrales

Finished painting

Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to write and post.
Stay tuned for more...


  1. A beautiful wedding dress.

    It does sound as though you have been very busy.

  2. Well a beautiful girl as well. What was I thinking?