Saturday, September 03, 2016

digging the plein air lifestyle!


I've been doing a lot of plein air painting lately with a group of artists.

We are called ARTISTS PAINT CORRALES! and every week for nine weeks, 
we are painting in this beautiful village.
At the end of the these paint outs, we will have an exhibition 
showcasing all of our completed paintings at

And on that note, I am happy to
tell you that I am the poster artists for the festival.
Here is my winning poster:

The poster is onle for sale at the Festival, but I
will be offering it for a limited time through this blog.
The poster is $25 plus shipping.
If you would like one,
Please email me at and I will put
your name on my list.
All payments are through Paypal.

 On our first paint out adventure, we went to North Beach.
North Beach is at the end of Corrales, 
down a little dirt road next to the acequia.

 This is North Beach.
Beautiful, isn't it?

 The pink of the setting sun in the distance

 Then the fire started to glow.
 Wow, I have lived here a million years,
and I have never seen the Sandias with the glow.

 And a rainbow at the end!

My completed painting of North Beach.
I wanted to paint the brilliance of the sun setting on the mountains,
but ran out of time.

 Our next paint out was at the old church.
This was the scene I painted.

 Light and shadows on the adobe

 My completed painting

 Our next painting was at Milagro Vineyards.
I don't drink wine but I LOVE this beautiful winery.

 My initial rough sketch

 My palette


My completed painting

 One of my chosen painting setup areas

 My second completed painting

 I stayed home one day and completed this commission,
a walled rose garden with the Sandia mountains in the background.

 Beautiful hills around North Beach

 Morning glories in the sun

 My second painting of North Beach.
The water was definitely on the brown side, due to rains the night before.

 We went for an evening paint out at the Milagro Vineyards.
Man, what a scene!

 Painting progress

My completed painting

A couple more paint outs coming up next week, 
but this is Labor Day weekend,
so I'm not going to Labor!

Enjoy and I will be back....

Oh, and to check out our Corrales blog,


  1. I just love your work (?) play....the poster painting is fantastic!!