Monday, September 05, 2016


It was Labor Day so I decided NOT to labor.
We took a drive to Jemez instead.
I hadn't been for quite a while and some of my kids 
went camping up there so we went to find them.

 It had rained the night before and there were a lot of 
beautiful, white, puffy clouds.
I also got a cool picture of ducks flying alongside our car.

 Look at this gorgeousness!
I know some people don't see anything special in this,
but my husband got sick of me saying, "Oh, wow, look at those clouds,"
and rolling the window down every two seconds to take a photo.

 The Jemez mountains

 Look at all of the different colors.
This would make a great painting.

 .An old adobe

 Man, I just can't get over the vistas.
I could imagine this as a 36x48" painting.

 Driving down into Jemez, the rock starts to turn red.

 Beautiful. Soon these leaves will be turning gold.

 I was trying to get shots of this yellow green little bush.
There were fields of it in certain spots.

 Los Ojos bar in Jemez.
It's been there since I was a teenager.

 The side of Los Ojos is pretty!
Some steer horns and sunflowers.

 Mountain asters starting to bloom

 Enjoying the scenery

 I think this is mullein and wildflowers

 We found the campground pretty easy and got treated to
ribs, baked potatoes, and smores. Yum.

 Penny's first time camping

 Mondo and his friend David chopping wood
Mondo is my new son-in-law and he knows a lot about camping.
Actually, he knows a lot about everything.

 Mac and Mondo

 Mondo making smores for us

 The camping group

 After eating we said good bye and started our trip home.
The grasses are SO green here.

 Love this old Chevy

 Sun just hitting the top of these peaks

 The Jemez River
Check out the red dirt.
The water is muddy because of rain.

 An almost dry arroyo

 This is what it looks like when the sun shines on these red hills.

 Clouds and sky, red and orange, hills and ridges,
greens and yellows.
Sorry about all of the telephone poles!

 Light on a beautiful old house.

Light on the Sandias on our way home.
Coming back in a week or so with my cousin,
so I will see these sights again,
And hopefully more!

Also next week - more plein air painting in Corrales!

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