Friday, October 07, 2016

Balloon Blog

Hi all,

I didn't blog about balloons for a couple of days because 
when they went up, they drifted further north. Or south.

But they have been back for a couple of days now,
so I'm posting again.

Only two more days of mass ascension left!

 This one is really really bright.
Almost too much for my sleepy eyes to take first thing in the morning.

 Hiding in the trees
Going to land?

 Nope, back up for another few minutes.

 Okay, who or what is this?

 Nice view of the balloon under-carriage.

 Between the trees

 Almost touching down

 Uh-oh, is this another Mr. Creepy Eyes?

 No, she's a look-straight-ahead sweet little cow.
I will call her Lulu-Belle.

 Lulu Belle is headed this way....

 In the meantime, another balloon is going down next door.

 Whoa, Lulu Belle is directly overhead!

 There she goes, over the house.

 Floating away...

  I was out and about found this one landing on the street.

 This one landed in the Wagner cornfield in Corrales.
Lots of help there.

 Pumpkin fields in Corrales.
I couldn't find any more balloons, so I got distracted.

Soon Corrales will be full of them!

 Red chile ristras at Wagner Farms

 The pumpkins are ready for taking home.
These look perfect for carving.

 Saw these beautiful sunflowers at the local market.

 Red chile ristras.
Every home should have one of these hanging on the porch.

 Next day, more morning balloons

 Blurry through the trees

 Another between the trees
Not too many today.
Hope we have great ballooning this weekend.
This weekend will be the last mass ascension of 2016.

On another note, my little thorny tree is full of berries for the birds
and the leaves are turning this color.
Fall is here!

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