Sunday, October 30, 2016

Corrales, Bernalillo, Algodones

I went looking for the gold.
Autumn Gold. New Mexico Gold.

I spent the last two mornings driving and shooting photographs.
My destinations were Corrales, Bernalillo, and Algodones.

I think I could still spend another eight hours driving down little dirt roads
and not see everything there is to be seen.

Here are some of my best shots:

 Beautiful old cottonwood

 Fall Harvest Decorations

 The Old Church Road acequia

 Virginia creeper and adobe

 Loved the light on these prayer flags

 Dried corn stalks against the mountain

 Harvesting the apples

 Oh my gosh, the cranes were out!
I saw them in several fields.
They noticed me but I was very quiet.

 An old tractor put out to pasture.

 Beautiful horse

 The cranes are everywhere.

 The old church with a little fall color

 A warm adobe against the fall colors

 Cactus pear fruit

 The old peace sign near the Milagro Winery

 Pumpkins are still in the field!

 Sweet peas are still blooming!

 The last of the red leaves on an old shrub

 Actually right near my house.
Oooh, scary.

 Also near my house.
Even scarier!!

 Headed out to Bernalillo

 Along the road, a nice sweet little stream
 with the Sandia mountains as a backdrop.

 Beauty in the fall colors

 Stored hay for horses and cows
You can see the Algodones plateau on the right.

 The Algodones plateaus

 An old abandoned camper under the cottonwoods

 A very brave unescorted chicken

 Beautiful dry arroyo

 Virginia Creeper and old shutters

 The Albuquerque Open Space (yes, I went there too).

Serenity with the ducks

Hope you enjoyed this photo tour.
I have a craving to take as many pics as I can
these next couple of days because the gold is fleeting.


  1. Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful .

  2. Cara, thank you! It's my pleasure.

  3. I LOVE your photo outings!

  4. Thanks Ceci - I love your newest work!