Saturday, October 01, 2016

Balloon Blog - Day 1


I have a rule during Balloon Fiesta.
I sleep normally.
If I don't hear anything and the dogs don't bark,
I don't get up.

BUT - when I hear that familiar loud "WHOOSH" of the
propane tank on a balloon and I can tell it's right over my house,
and the dogs are going crazy, I HAVE to get up.

I grab my camera,
run outside (well, as fast as I can run, which is not at all),
make sure I have clothes on (don't want to scare the balloonists),
and look up to see what I can see.

And this is what I saw today:

 headed towards me

Not a good pic, but you get the idea.
This is at the back of my yard.

 A balloon through the trees
Sometimes if they are coming down quick,
I only catch bits of them through the greenery.
They will usually land in a field beyond my neighbor's house.

 Here's a better view as he came out of the trees

 This one was really close
I could have thrown him a piece of toast.

 Another view

 floating by the house

 Roy and Bella are like, "HOW MANY DAYS OF THIS?!?

 Another bird's eye view

 Through the trees again

 This balloon is more egg shaped.

 I know you can't see this, at first it looked like Virginia Creeper ivy to me - 
but it's a shape balloon, floating, almost landing in my neighbor's yard.

 This is a Koshare balloon from Gallup.
 I think it might be a Native American Jokester, but don't quote me on that.

 Love this view - directly over my head

 Circus balloon over the roof

 Two beauties

 I think he's staring at me. Uh-oh.

 Another overhead shot.

 Through the trees, which are turning gold.

 Overhead view through the trees

 Okay, I don't know who this is, but his eyes keep following me....creepy.

 Humpty Dumpty

 Changing colors

 This looks like a parrot with a rhino horn...hmm.

 Oh man, there he is again. Still watching me.
He is right next to my apple tree and slowly floating.

 Now he's got a follower.
It looks like he's still trying to see me!

There they go!
I will report daily on the 10 day Balloon Blog if I see anything cool.
Don't follow me, Mr. Creepy Eyes.

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