Saturday, June 17, 2017

brush alert


I needed new brushes. Bad.
All the brushes I had were either choppy, worn down, 
the hairs were coming out, 
or the wood of the handle was separating from the metal.

Well, I went to Artisan yesterday, our local art store.
I wasn't looking for brushes, I was looking for flat panels
for some upcoming painting excursions.

I found the panels I wanted, plus an art book, and an art magazine, 
then I walked by the brushes and these Grey Matters brushes
jumped out at me.

Grey Matters are made by Jack Richeson
and are pretty affordable.
Plus, I liked the fact that they were grey,
I mean everything about them was grey!

 So I brought these home.
I figure I will use them on an upcoming paint out
and see how they hold up.

I am notoriously hard on brushes, so
they will really be put to the test.

I did use them for the two paintings below and
they give a softer look to my work.



These paintings will be available in the next day or so.
For the site, CLICK HERE.

We'll see how they do once they've been
worn in and worn down.

I was told that Rosemary brushes are really good
but pricey. Is that true?

Please let me know if you have favorite brushes that we 
should know about!!

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