Thursday, June 08, 2017

new things


Sometimes it is good to turn your brain to new things.
When my daughter asked me to create a logo for her new business, 
she knew exactly what she wanted.

I was busy with all kind of plein air things at that time, 
and had to STOP what I was working on 
and thinking about and turn my attention back to drawing.

I admit, I don't draw very much anymore.
Just loose sketching for my paintings.
So I thought it as going to be difficult.

This was total fun for me.
We started out with seven flower pods (too many), 
went to three (too few), and ended up with five (just right).
I also had much more root material at the bottom, so, 
as per her instruction, 
I toned it way down and ended up with what you see above.

I think it's very pretty!
I will post the final and beautiful business card as soon 
as it is back from the printer.

Now, on to other new things:

My next event is a three-day plein air trip
to northern New Mexico.
My favorite place in the whole world!
I've never painted at this location and am SO excited!
It's out of my comfort zone, but hey, "out of my comfort zone"
is a place we should all go sometime.

I am also using this time as a brainstorming and 
planning time for my next series.
I'm almost done with my 150 CHALLENGE paintings 
(I know, it's taken me FOREVER),
and I want this new series to be something that I'm
totally uncomfortable with so I can be challenged.
I'm thinking it's figures and nudes.
Ugh. Scary to think about.

I want to think of these paintings as beautiful 
"people" landscapes and not as a face or body.
Excited to see what happens!

When I get back, 
I will be painting on a regular basis at
 Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm.
Which is new for me.
The Inn is just about the most beautiful place in the north valley.
It's almost time for the lavender harvest and I hope to catch that.

 The lotus pond

 The farm

 Someone wearing my poster T-shirt

Selling my paintings at the Festival several years ago


Start thinking about attending my annual 

It's happening on Sunday, September 3rd from 4-8pm
and features Mexican food, music by Mezcla Latina,
and a Studio Show and Sale.
It's free and limited to the first 75 people who register
and you MUST be registered to attend.
To register, email Dee at
or call me at 505-792-1030
Get on the list now....

Also, if you haven't checked out the plein air show at 
CORRALES FINE ARTS, please do it before it's over.
Some beautiful work there!

Corrales Fine Arts
4685 Corrales Road
Corrales, NM  87048

Also, if you haven't seen my website, it's been up dated a bit.
To view, click HERE.

And, if you want to see all of the 150 CHALLENGE paintings 
completed thus far, Click HERE.

Lots of "clicking!"

That's it for now.
Have a fantastic day!

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