Saturday, June 10, 2017

diana stetson

Diana Stetson

Today I am bragging about my friend, Diana Stetson.
She has a beautiful new website 
and I want to share it because her work is so
unique and wonderful.

 Diana lives in Albuquerque and I met her when we were 
forming the Alameda Studio Tour.

 Diana's artwork is BEAUTIFUL.
Stunning and serene.
Recurring themes are trees and birds,
but her art is much deeper than that.

 I think I'm attracted to her work because
it's so different from mine.
I feel like sometimes I attack the canvas
 to get in the darks and highlights and the main color notes
before the light changes.
And her work is not like that.

Diana's work is built up in many layers
and uses many different materials.

This piece is a more abstract version of lily pads.


Please don't take my word about his beautiful artwork.

Please visit Diana's website and read about her history, 
vision, and her journey.

To go directly to her site,

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