Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hi and welcome to Day 1 of my "Getting Ready for the Show" blog diary.

Today has been an outlining day. I'm working on a fundraiser piece for the Art has Heart Foundation, which was started by the well-known artist Amado Pena. This event is such fun. I will take some pictures and have them next Monday for you to see. Several celebrities attend and they have a great live auction. This painting has taken forever and I should be done with it tomorrow and it goes to framing. The pictures following are the piece almost complete and some up close detail of the outlining.

Tomorrow I will clean my studio, start working on my next three commissions and plan for the show.

Stay tuned!

Outlining Close up


  1. Dee - I have had an unexpected absence that has kept me from visiting my favorite artists blogs. Today I caught up and as always your postings are wonderful. I love the idea of taking us along for the ride while you prepare for your showing.

    And last but not least, I had the great fortune of being part of a workshop in Toas with Mr. Pena. An experience I'll always treasure.

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Hi Cara,
    Thanks, a daily "diary" should be interesting I think. Hope it doesn't reveal too much of my craziness. Amado does a lot of charity events, Never been to a workshop though. I'm thinking about doing a 5 day workshop in Taos October 1-5. The scenery should be perfect just about then.

  3. hi dee, your paintings are beautiful! how do you do the outlines in your paintings?