Monday, May 28, 2007


8" x 10" Acrylic On Canvas
Well, here is tonight's painting.
I love landscapes and started looking through some photographs and became inspired to do this piece. It portrays the end of the day and shows a dry arroyo with the last little bit of golden light playing over the hills.
I already have tomorrow's painting completed because tomorrow it's SHOWTIME!
I will be painting nonstop from now until the middle of July and will try to do two small paintings each week for your viewing and bidding pleasure.
P.S. I'm trying to get to those requests that several of you have asked for.
Keep watching....


  1. Dee - what wonderful paintings you have here! So colourful and lively. Great!
    Ehmmm... what do you use for your outlining work? Acrylic ink? Applied with a small brush? - I love the stained glass effect.

  2. This is wonderful!

  3. Beautiful play of light and shadow -

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Thank you. I paint in acrylic and outline with commercial industrial ink. The pens are kind of like glorified sharpies except very heat resistant. A large painting probably goes through about 200-250 pens.

  5. Thanks for the explanation Dee. Though I have to say: WHAT ??? 200 - 250 pens???
    ... deeply impressed....