Monday, May 07, 2007


8" x 10" Acrylic on Canvas
I painted this piece because I really need to be sitting on that hill right now!

What a day -

I started off with great intentions; meditate, exercise, finish outlining a painting to take for framing and CLEAN MY DIRTY STUDIO. Well, let's just say so far the only thing that has been accomplished was the exercise, mainly because I gave my husband a list of "healthy and fit" things I was going to do every day this week and Go to Curves on Monday was on it.
We're trying to spruce up our house a bit and this morning I dealt with two guys and a big backhoe putting in a new sewer line, four guys doing a much-needed yard clean-up, a lady who came and gave me a ONE HOUR window replacement presentation. ONE HOUR, mind you. I know more about window replacements now than she does. I also took numerous phone calls, went to get gas, the bank, the store. I should never try actually get any work done on Mondays.
So tonight I will work for a bit, then sit down and get ready for the TV show "24", which makes me bite my nails off but I love it anyway. Tomorrow I will make a list of canvases I need for the show, start a new commission and I will send pics of MY CLEAN STUDIO , along with some new things I'm starting to work on.



  1. Dee - This is a great painting. I love the way you have rendered the last rays of sunlight.

    After everything that's been going on here I think I'll spend some time mentally sitting on that hill too.

  2. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Maybe we'll do a retreat on that hill one day!

  3. Well this takes my breath away.!!! The colors and lighting on this