Monday, July 21, 2008


Madrid, New Mexico is on the backroads between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It was a big mining town back in the day, and now it's a hip, artist community. It has an old mine shaft museum, a cool old bar, lots of art activities, and really cool old houses. Rumor is, it's also home to quite a few outlaws. It's also been the scene to several movies, including "Wild Hogs." Every year at Christmas, they have horse-drawn buggy rides, the whole town lights up and it's just really beautiful.
I snapped a photo of this house on a paint-out last year. I was driving with someone else, so it was just out the window, but I love how funky it looked. It also was loaded with painted sunflowers and since sunflowers were kind of where I started, I had to snap it. I'm headed back up there for another paintout this coming weekend, so I will see if it's still there and take another pic. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi Dee - Love this painting - great colors and very cute house. I'm curious about the "outlaw" comment - is Madrid a place you want to be out of by dark? :o)