Saturday, March 07, 2009


work in progress
SOLD (js)
One of my artist friends (thank you Cara) sent me this photo that she took on a motorcycle trip to New Mexico, where she used to live and really wants to come back to one day. I've had it for a while and decided to see if I could paint it. The perspective was new for me because I'm looking at the adobe wall from a weird angle. I love the softness of it at this point. I think there will be more of these and definitely in larger sizes. Everyone just loves Chimayo and I thank you, Cara!
If anyone wants to put their mark on it, purchase information is below.
These are my projects for the next 7 days: finish this painting, make flyers for my 150 Challenge and distribute, finish about 9 overdue paintings for one of my very best friends, deliver a couple of small paintings for a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity happening next weekend, work on three large "already sketched" paintings for Weems galleries (cloudscape, sunflowers, and a wildflower meadow), finish a lavender painting for another friend, start a dancer painting for another friend, work on my daily paintings and my 150 Challenge paintings, send some photos online to be developed for future paintings, and start work on setting up my new website. I think I'm going to go work out and then come home and read - I feel procrastination coming on!

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  1. No, thank you for painting it! Its beautiful - folks can see the original photo on my Dream Me Home New Mexico blog post for this week - You did a great job with it -