Saturday, March 14, 2009


These are hollyhocks from Canyon Road. I painted an oil scene of these hollyhocks sitting inside my car a couple of years ago, THAT was interesting. It was raining and I got paint everywhere - on my clothes, all over the steering wheel, etc. But the painting turned out really nice. I will paint more like this. I want to play around with the adobe and the relationship between the wall and the flowers to see if I can make it feel more painterly. Purchase information is below:


Pilgrim said...

After seeing your paintings with the special colours of the SouthWest I am eager to use those tubes of paint that I bought when I was in NM last year.
I let out a long o-o-o-h when I saw todays offering; Thanks!

Dee Sanchez said...

Thank you - I love those reds too!

Cara Dawn Romero said...

Dee - I love your hollyhocks - and this is beautiful. I once tried to paint in my office on my lunch hour and ended up with paint everywhere and the smell of the oderless turp was a riot!