Monday, August 23, 2010

guerilla painting box for sale!

Hi all! I am cleaning my studio and have decided to sell my 9"x12' guerilla pochade box. It's only been used twice - I bought a smaller cigar box that fits my small paintings better and I want to buy another one. The guerilla paint box is from Judson Outfitters and comes with a tripod mount, an adapter for 6"x8" and 8"x10" paintings, a palette extention kit, slip-in easel for taller panels, and a poly pro palette (better than wood). This all retails for $293.95. The box I want to buy is $175. That's what I will sell this box and all accessories for, if anyone is interested, please email me. Shipping would be extra. The painting on the easel in not included! I will put the guerilla box up for auction on ebay, probably Wednesday, if not sold by then.

I went to the Corrales Grower's Marker this morning - it was awesome! So many people selling such wonderful things! I didn't have much cash on me so I just got a couple of ears of sweet corn, some heirloom tomatoes (which I ate before I got home) and some Cipriana sweet onions. More pics to follow.

This was only one of the many booths at the market. they were roasting green chile, selling breakfast burritos, they had music. Wow, fall really IS in the air!