Monday, August 02, 2010

The valley right below my relative's home
Quick trip to Taos - it is BEAUTIFUL there right now. Even though my favorite time there is still autumn. I am going back in September AND October! I was going to paint but forgot my apron so had to satisfy myself with taking lots of photos. Which I did! It rained there off an on the whole time we were there. I have lots of subjects to choose from for inspiration and am back to work today, so look out!
I am getting ready for Artfest now, which is in November. I am also planning a show for next June in Old Town called "THE 200 CHALLENGE." This show will be 200 framed plein air paintings all done on location at my favorite beautiful places throughout New Mexico. Sizes will range from 4"x6" to probably 16"x20." Maybe a few a little larger. And they will all be $200 or less! We will have a big reception for the show and you may buy online the day of. The new blog will start in January, so stay tuned for that. I think my new goal is to become the best plein air painter in New Mexico!
I am in the process of rebuilding my website, so watch for that - hopefully by Artfest.
I am starting the second half of my weight loss and am starting a fresh blog for it also - to give me new motivation. Watch for that too! Fall is my favorite time of year, it's coming up soon, and I am GETTING MOTIVATED!

Man, the sky was just beautiful in Taos. As were these wild sunflowers

This is a view of El Salto peak after a rain

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