Thursday, August 12, 2010

My two small 5x7 paintings "HARVEST" and "ALAMEDA" were accepted into the Plein Air Painters of NM show at the Albuquerque Open Space, "LITTLE GEMS." More details to follow. I have a new online journal blog post at this link:
Also, I REALLY love taking photos, so I am going to start adding a new photograph to the right of your screen every few days...I hope you enjoy the little snippets of things that intrigue me and capture my attention in this beautiful Land of Enchantment.

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  1. It's me. I see my foot in the photo of the "rocks." I'd love to bring you some real rocks from the beach, but they are so heavy that I would be over the weight limit with my luggage and I think you'd rather have the chocolates. Maybe I can ship a box via Priority Mail with no weight limit. :>) I really liked the red background you were using....a bit busy, but really nice. Hugs, Tom