Tuesday, April 05, 2011

one daily...one 150



oil on canvas hardboard

This is my daily painting for today. I spent most of the afternoon narrowing a million photos down to about 200 that I want to paint for the 150 Challange. The rest I put in plastic bags and hid away so I will forget about them and just concentrate on the ones I really want to finish. I'm going to put them in a big stack and go one by one in order until they're done. Except for my figurative pieces. Those I need practice with, so I will spend a week or so working on those all together. This particular painting was fun to paint. It's Taos mountain in late fall, the trees are still golden but there is a little snow on the ground. Winter is coming! Purchase information at the bottom.

The painting below is part of the 150 Challenge. I really love working with masses of flowers like this - paintings like this make me so happy to be a painter and to work with color every day.

To see the finished painting, go to www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com

"SPRING IRIS" in progress

Price: $99.00 plus $10.00 s/h Or, send me an email


  1. Hi Dee, I'm loving the paintings I see here. Of course, your photos and stories about the wonderful day trips are really entertaining, too. NM has an endless supply of amazing places to see and things to do. I can't wait to be back. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying your photos, stories and paintings. I already see several paintings that I'm putting my name on for the June 150 Show and just hope that I'll be lucky enough to get them. I'm sure there will be lots of competition. So stay in the zone and keep them coming. Hugs, Tom

  2. Tom,
    Thanks, I am starting to have so much fun! I can think of a lot more places I want to visit in NM this summer - plan on it.