Friday, April 29, 2011

My cousin Goldie and I set out on a plein air painting trip to Las Golondrinas yesterday. We ended up not painting there, not because it wasn't beautiful (it was) but because I would've had to lug all of my painting paraphenalia too far down the hill. So we decided to turn around and set out for Jemez instead. This was our picnic spot by the Jemez river - sandwiches, Cheetos, and apples. This is also where I spent the afternoon painting while my cousin sketched. The spring green of the trees against the red of the hills and the pale olive color of the Russian Olive trees - pictures just don't capture it.

The red of the Jemez hills - we were trying to figure out if the soil was clay or limestone. It has so many of what look like erosion cut outs - is it from water or wind? It's beautiful, whatever it is! We also went up to the Gilman Tunnels. The water was flowing up there big time. I shot a short video I will post later.

The sheep at los Golondrinas. I'm thinking they're Churro, but I don't know my sheep very well. This would make a nice painting with all the spots of light.

The fields near Jemez. Some of them are plowed, some not. We were up on a hill overlooking the valley and this is with my zoom lens. I can see a painting here, especially with the luscious blues in the background.

My cousin Goldie and I being silly at Los Golondrinas. At least I got to be the girl!

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