Friday, July 08, 2011



This painting will be available at One Artist Road Gallery in about two weeks. It is one of my favorite subjects to paint and no matter how many times I paint it, it never looks the same.

I wish I could live right at this spot for a year and paint it every day on the hour; early morning right as the sun is coming up, and especially evening, when the sunsets must be magnificent. I'm always driving into Taos in a hurry to get there, so my view is trying to snap a couple of photos out of the car window or parked at the rest stop. Not very glamorous.

I wanted to let you all know that Weems Uptown Gallery is having their special $285 show next Saturday - I believe the time is 10am - 5pm. You guys know this one, it's a once a year event to thank customers for their patronage. All of the artists putting their work in the show have their paintings marked at $285 or less. I have a couple of large pieces in the show that are normally a couple of thousand dollars each for only $285. And about 20 smaller pieces priced at less than that. Everything is usually gone by around 1-2pm, so you have to get there early. I think you can preview the show in full this coming Friday. I am going to try to go, so I hope so of you will come out and say hello.

I promise, daily paintings are coming in just a few days!

Oh, and scroll below to see the new commissions I just finished.

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