Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weems always fun $285 Show

The Weems annual $285 Show was today, and it was fun. Everything in the show is $285 or less. Some of us had paintings that were over $1000 going for #285 and people got some really great deals.

This is Jane, trying to help people decide on their purchases.

This is also Jane, going at Warp Speed while everyone else is standing still to get things done!

People choosing their paintings

The line outside the gallery before it opened. The earliest people got there at 4:30am this morning. They assigned each person a number according to their place in line, then everyone got to go in the gallery and choose one painting. After everyone had chosen their first choice, they opened the gallery doors and people could take paintings off the wall. It was great!

People brought their own chairs to wait it out!

More photos below.

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