Friday, July 22, 2011

on the way to Santa Fe...

I went to Santa Fe yesterday and the scenery was just beautiful. We finally got some rain and everything was so clean and fresh. The hills were rolling and the clouds were puffy - a perfect combination!

I took enough photos to create 100 paintings. I am seeing large oils pieces - maybe 48x48 or even larger. Just beautiful vistas and dynamic skies. Stay tuned.

Look at these hills, rolling and peaceful. These images were all taken from my car while we were moving (no, I wasn't driving!) I always wish I could view these hills and mesas from the air, or go back behind them to see more.

This is the Algodones plateau - isn't this wonderful? The dry arroyo bed in the foreground, the yellow sage of the mesa and the darkness of the juniper trees, with the coolness of the plateau. I think it was raining back behind the mountains.

This is a strange view of the Sandia Mountains as you come into town. They are doing construction work on the highway and the yellow you see is some type of covering they have put down to keep the dirt from blowing. The mountains are a dark sort of blue/purple - I think it gives them an eerie cast. There are a few junipers and the cloudy are lovely. I am going to paint this and take some liberties to make it my own.

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