Monday, July 04, 2011


Happy fourth of July!

We have had an extremely long heat wave here with no rain. At all. In forever. And that's bad because heat is extremely draining to me and I just want to lay around in a vegetative state. Which doesn't get any work done. Therefore, I'm going to force myself into the studio. Literally.

I'm also starting a new eating plan (more about that later too), which should be interesting.

I'm telling you all of this because if I put it out there in the open for everyone to see, it means I HAVE to actually do it.

SO, tomorrow starts a new work schedule for me:

Five paintings for One Artist Road Gallery

Two plein air painting for Millicent Rogers Museum

Nine small painting commissions

One gift commission

Two smaller long overdue commissions

An entry into a magazine contest

Six large pieces for the September Weems Uptown show

A start up of paintings for Artfest, which will also include some smaller $25 paintings, ornaments, calenders, note cards, etc. More about that later.

And I have several paintings to finish up for my friend and favorite collector.


Since I won't have loads of time for daily paintings in the next four months, I am offering a great deal for you:

The daily paintings will all be oil on hardboard, they will all be 6"x6" and 6"x8" and they will be only $85 each, with free shipping.
I don't want to put them up for auction, so I will have a Paypal button underneath and it will be a "first come-first serve, whoever likes the paintings best" type of thing.
I'm not fond of auctions, I know some people like them, and maybe I will start that on January 1, 2012, but here is the way I like to buy paintings - I see it, I see how much it is, I click on the Paypal button, and it's mine!
I don't have to wait seven days and try to outbid other people.
If you see one of my paintings and someone else gets it first, just email me, and I will replicate it for you for the same price, time permitting.
There will not be a painting every day, but look for them, they'll pop up several times a week.

Also, be sure to check out the new blog once I begin paintings for Artfest coming up in November. The site is:

You will be able to see the Artfest paintings coming wet off the easel and I may offer a free prize for comments and feedback from time to time.

Oh, and just to make myself a little crazier, I am also starting a new blog appropriately called "WHATEVER." I don't know what I'll be writing about, probably ramblings, current events, art stuff, weight loss, things that tick me off, things that make me happy, book reviews, etc., you know, whatever!

I love to take photos but don't always think it's appropriate to post them on my official art blog. So I need an outlet and this will be it. Look for a link on the right side and you can follow along. I probably won't publicize it much. It will be "our" secret!

Thanks for putting up with me, watching my work, and I hope you keep watching. I don't expect you all to buy paintings, that would be crazy, but I do love meeting you, talking with you, and you guys all make me feel special. Thank you.

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