Wednesday, September 14, 2011

photo trip to Casa Rodena

Okay, so we had a paint out at the Casa Rodena Winery on Monday and I knew I didn't want to actually paint, but I wanted to go and shoot some photos for Future paintings. I did take some photos of the winery and saw about eight or nine fellow painters out there, but most of my photos were of other places, to be honest. It was fun - I could go out every day and spend all my time doing nothing but looking for unique and cool photo opportunities. The photo above is at Los Poblanos - a working farm, store, lavender fields, gardens, inn and cultural center right in the heart of the north valley. Such a cool view - the mountains in the background, masses of wild sunflowers on the far left, cosmos in the foreground, and lavender and vegetable rows in between.

This was a Mr. sheep with his flock out in a field on Rio Grande. He kept jumping up in the tree and biting off leaves. I think it was one of those elm trees that crop up everywhere, and he must've liked it because I could've taken a hundred photos of him doing this. Finally he got tired and meandered his flock back towards the house.

This is a little tiny vineyard on the east side of Rio Grande. I will be going back in a month or so because once the leaves turn golden and brown, I can get great shots with the mountains in the background. This guy was having a great time, you have no idea how slowly this tractor was moving, he was just weaving in between the rows and enjoying the day.

A cool little adobe house on Guadalupe Street. There are those native sunflowers again! This will definitely be a painting for Artfest.I love the color of those windows.

This is an older home on El Pueblo or Ranchitos. It was the color of the fake brick with the beauty of the morning glories that caught my eye. Aren't they beautiful? This almost looks like an old mobile home that has been added onto through the years - I passed right by it and swung back for a second look. I had to zoom in to get this shot. Think this would make a nice painting?

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  1. Love the photo's - I see future paintings from these for sure.