Monday, June 11, 2012

Changing Gears

Hello everyone - 

I have taken a week off and it has been SO relaxing. 
I've taken naps almost every day, gone to Curves, 
gone to the gym to swim, and just generally done nothing work related at all.
The problem for me is, after about a week of this, all I can think about is starting work again.
So here I am, planning and getting ready for making some serious art!


Here is the evolution of the Balloon Poster up until now. 
I created the sketch, toned the canvas, shifted some things around:

 original sketch made larger

 toned with burnt sienna and red on canvas

 This is the first color I applied to the canvas. 
I hadn't worked in acrylics in a while and it felt so different.
I have really gotten used to my oils!

I knew I wanted the biggest balloon to really make a statement 
and draw people into the landscape.
I wanted people to feel like they could be up in that balloon, 
floating over those sunflowers, drifting over the fields, and headed out over the horizon - 
to places like Abiquiu, Jemez, Taos, some of my favorite places in New Mexico.
There were initially three balloons but we increased it to four.

 This is a more finished stage. 
The balloons are all in place, the painting is bright, a nice contrast of colors.
Now, to begin the linework.

Oh, and can you spot the hidden state bird of New Mexico?
Click on the image if you would like a larger view.

 Detail of adding lines to the sunflowers and surrounding areas.

Okay, this is the piece almost completed.
The border will be black around the poster.
The "Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta" will be in turquoise, 
to match the large balloon and my signature.
The words, "Blaze a Trail," which is theme theme of this year's fiesta, 
will be the same color as the sunflowers.
I will post a photo of the actual poster as soon as I see it.
I'm excited!!

The painting for the 
2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Oh, and one more thing - 

I have decided that all of the new paintings 
for the Balloon Fiesta will be acrylic with linework! 

So, if you are one of my "line" collectors, 
get ready to see some new art!
Here is what I will be working on for the next 4 months:

- lots of small paintings, sizes 4x4 and up
- a few larger pieces
- landscapes and everything New Mexico
- gallery wrap canvas painted black around the sides
- lightweight - easy to carry home in luggage or to ship
- lots of new magnets
- maybe notecards and calenders
- a few surprise ornaments

Stay tuned!

Oh, and there is only a little over two weeks to choose your 150 Challenge painting before the show closes!


  1. Big thumbs up for the line paintings!
    And the Fiesta poster looks great!

  2. Todd,
    Thank you, I'm glad you like it!