Saturday, June 02, 2012

Scenes from the 150

 the Dee Sanchez 150 Challenge wall

~thank you so much to everyone who came to the show!

It was such fun and I came away feeling very loved and supported by all of you.
I saw old friends, family, new friends from here and people from out of state. 
I believe we had people from Florida, California, Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa. 
I also sold to my online collectors - thank you so much.
I had a wonderful band playing outside, Mezcla Latina, 
and I didn't even get to hear them  because it was so busy.

Thanks to all of those wonderful Weems ladies who hang the show, run the show, and take care of the multitudes of paperwork involved. You girls rock!

Tonight on the 150 blog, I will try to post the paintings that are sold, 
so you can see the paintings that are still available. 
The show runs until the end of June.

I am tired, but refreshed. I'm going to do nothing for a few days, then regroup and start organizing for painting my Balloon Fiesta Show that is happening in October. Love you all!

 Judith and June - they took home two paintings each


 Betty explaining how to purchase

 choosing paintings

 Barbara and Miranda

almost ready

 Ginger trying to decide 

 such a fun crowd!

My new friend Emily with her Arroyo Seco painting.

My friend and collector Jackie, with her two new paintings

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