Monday, June 04, 2012

new beginnings

New Beginnings

Wow, I have been sleeping a lot the last three days. 
Not used to that at all. I've always said I was never a "day sleeper,"  
 maybe I'm changing up my rhythms.

I'm trying not to think about the studio and work at all this week. 
It still floats around in my head because that's what I'm used to.
Work. Work. Work.

So, I'm back to my meditation practice, which is 35 minutes every morning.
And I went to Curves today and I biked a little and swam at the gym last Saturday 
after the 150 Challenge Show opening. 
I have an ortho doctor's appointment sometime this month.
I'm pretty sure I did something to the tendon in my heel a few months ago. 
It is giving me constant pain.
So we'll see what happens with that.

My only goal this week is to go back to Old Town and take at least 500 photos of the hollyhocks and all of the flowers that are in bloom right now. 
Maybe even sneak in a few of people too.

Next week, I plan my work schedule for the Balloon Fiesta, 
and also am going to plan a day trip to Abiquiu, 
Ghost Ranch, and the monastery.
Maybe even go back to Black Mesa if we leave early enough.

Oh, date night movie with my husband too.
I do so love that man.

I will update the "SOLD" section of the 150 blog in a few days.

Night, all!

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