Friday, April 12, 2013

"ILLUMINTATA II" working process


I've been working madly on my large paintings for the Weems flower show.
I chose four large chunky canvases and started creating.
This is canvas number two.

I always start by toning the canvas in a very thin wash of orange/red.
Then I move to what I call, "making marks."
I sketch a very loose sketch of where I want to put in the main flowers and stems.
Then I start loading thin color on the brush and placing the main shapes.


I've worked a while and have the canvas covered.
Looking at it, I can see that I don't like the sky so dark and I am 
unhappy with the dark green in the upper right corner.
This is spring - it needs to be brighter!


This is the finished painting.
It's been painted black around the sides (in acrylic) and varnished.
The painting is actually laying flat on my easel and I photographed it at a weird angle.
As you can see, I've lightened a lot of the color,
gotten rid of the dark green in the corner and added my sky color further down into the painting.

It is now at the gallery for the opening tomorrow of the Weems show, 

I dropped my paintings off in a hurry yesterday, 
but I took a peek and the show is going to be fantastic!  

"ILLUMINATA II" is 30x30" on a 3" deep canvas and is $2100.
Contact Weems at 505-293-6133 for details.
They are located at Montgomery and Louisiana NE.

Happy weekend!


  1. I love seeing the steps in a painting! NICE POST!

  2. Thanks Sue, lots of work on that one!