Wednesday, April 24, 2013

only 15 days left until my new Challenge begins....May 9, 2013


Guess what? I am doing another Challenge!
This one is new and different.....

I have really really REALLY missed my plein air painting - 
going on day trips, photographing, screeching my car to a halt, jumping out,
and painting what's right in front of me.

I also promised my family I wouldn't do any physical shows in 2013.
Doing three large shows back to back last year was killer.

But I always want to do something that connects 
me with my love for the New Mexico landscape and 
brings me closer to my clients (and friends).
It also has to challenge me at the same time.

And one of my goals this year was to help animals. So...

I am doing a 145 day Challenge -
145 paintings in 145 days and all will be $145 each
You won't have to wait until the end of the Challenge to get your painting this time!

This Challenge will include all of my "themes" and some new subjects.

And at the end of the Challenge,
I am having a wonderful dinner at my north valley home, 
complete with New Mexican food, great music, and even a painting demonstration!
There will also be a large painting giveaway at the end of our meal.

The dinner is $49 per person and a portion of the proceeds
will go to New Mexico Dogs Deserve Better, a very worthwhile group that rescues
and cares for animals that are chained, or abused. 

So come on out and join us under the cottonwoods, enjoy some great food, 
and help out a great animal charity at the same time!

Here is your personal invite - 
I have also sent out over 850 postcards.

I hope you will watch the process of the creation of 145 paintings.
May you find one (or more) that speak to you.
I also hope you will join me for dinner!


  1. This sounds wonderful. If I didn't have so many entanglements here I'd plan a road trip from southern Indiana straight to your door.

  2. And I would welcome you with open arms!