Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The New, the Old, and Animals

The newest 145 Challenge painting:


It has been an interesting week so far.
I walked outside my front door yesterday and the neighbor's cat has made herself
at home on my sidewalk.

Now I don't mind if she comes over.
She lays in my bushes, on the cool ground, and she chases bugs and lizards.
One might even assume that she lives here.
She has this sassy little attitude like, "Human, what are YOU doing in my space?"

But, she makes me mad.
She won't let me come near her.
Oh, she'll let me talk to her, and say sweet nothings, but if I make a move - 
she is up and gone.
Rude Cat.

 Rude Cat

 Gorgeous bachelor buttons my cousin and I found while driving around Corrales on Monday.

 Vintage Painting

This is the back of a painting one of my collectors brought to me.
She wanted it cleaned up, varnished, and framed.

This painting was painted in the 1930s by her ex-husband's grandmother.
She had no money back in the day, so she painted on whatever she could find.
This happened to be a piece of uneven linoleum.

The beautiful thing about this painting to me, is how she covered it.
She cut a piece of muslin and wrapped the canvas like a present.
To keep it straight and tight, she sewed  thread from side to side.
After 80+ years, it is still as tight as a drum. Amazing!

 Thread keeping the muslin tight.

 Corners cut and sewn.

 The framed and finished painting.

 Oh, speaking of animals - 
A raccoon has taken up residence in one of my trees.
I don't know if the dogs chased him up there or he just wanted a better view of the yard.

We tried to get him to come down but he was having none of it.
We are keeping the dogs in the courtyard and studio to encourage him to come down.

If he's still up there tomorrow, I don't know what I'll do.
Call the fire department I guess!

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