Sunday, June 16, 2013



This painting is part of the group exhibition "MONSTERS AND MINIS" at Weems Gallery.
I guess you can put it in the "monster" catagory!
Weems Gallery Uptown

 The view of the Sandia mountains yesterday on our way to Santa Fe.
The clouds were awesome!
I'm taking photos with my little back up camera through the windshield 
and let me tell you, it's time to go for the new Canon bells and whistles...

 Some photos from the Museum Hill Cafe in Santa Fe where I attended an event yesterday.

 Does anyone know what this flower is?
it looks like a poppy, but grows on a bush?
I'd like to know, it's beautiful.

 A close-up view.

 The bush itself.

 A window box.
This would make a pretty chaotic abstract flower painting.

 A view from the cafe.
There are mountains in back of me, and this view in front of me.
You can see that it's clouds and there are mountains in the distance.
Pretty spectacular.
It's called Museum Hill and there are probably 3-4 different museums all gathered in one place. 

Okay, Happy Father's Day today!
Lots going on next week, I'll keep you posted.


  1. The white flowers look like single-petaled roses. Do they have thorns? Roses would. Are they fragrant? Roses might or might not.

  2. I don't think they had thorns and I don't think they were fragrant.I should have paid more attention!