Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Santa Fe, Canyon Road, Tesuque, Abiquiu, Black Mesa, Ghost Ranch, El Rito Expeirence

Oh wow!
I just got back from two days of painting, picture-taking, 
sight-seeing, town exploring, and much more.
And boy, am I tired.

  I am posting these pics for a couple of days for you to enjoy.

 Clay women at Jackalope Pottery in Santa Fe 

 The cross section 
I bought two.

 Rose garden in the Canyon Road neighborhood 

 Beautiful gate on Upper Canyon Road 
It was the upside down pale pink roses that attracted me.
Does this upside down thing mean something?

 What ARE these?
They look glorious against adobe walls!

 An old wagon in front of Jackalope Pottery 
Love the cut-out heart.

 Yellow hollyhocks 
You know these will become a painting.

 Star York's playful horses in front of one of the galleries 

 My favorite sculpture on Canyon Road 
Don't you love the shadows on these faces?

 The contrast of this elk against the orange of the flowers and the blue of the windows.....

 Simple orange lillies against an adobe wall 

 Pot of flowers against a gallery wall 

This guy hangs out all around the Santa Fe Plaza, waiting for people who are tired of walking.

Cool stars and chairs 

Colorful newspaper stands

The beautiful church in the heart of Santa Fe Plaza.

The Algodones plateau in spring 

 Alfalfa fields in Bernalillo
Could be hay, I don't know the difference.

 Beautiful red bushes and the lovely porch at the Abiquiu Inn 
Had to have the huevos rancheros.

 A beautiful cross at Black Mesa

 The San Idelphonso church at Black Mesa

 The very tall ET-like hoodoos at Ghost Ranch
Look at those beautiful colors.

 Abiquiu Lake and Pedernal 
The lake water looked really turquoise today.

 Colored rock formations at Ghost Ranch

 A beautiful old building in El Rito
Wouldn't this make a cool studio/gallery?

 This is actually a working restaurant in El Rito!
The clerk at Ghost Ranch said she had dinner here the night before last and it was good.
Should have checked their hours of operation.

 An old window with fake roses in El Rito

 beautiful Descanso near the water in El Rito

 Old adobe right on the street in El Rito
This one is occupied.

 Old old house in El Rito 
They also have an art studio tour every year.
I'm going to go this year!

 Beautiful old restored church

 An old barn
Someone had strung grapevine wreaths across the front of the gate.

I love this photo.
It shows the old original tin roof before they came out with the new stuff.
The gable is beautiful.
And the colors with the cream-colored adobe, yum.
Hope you enjoyed this little slice of life vignette of New Mexico.
Oh, and to see the newest 145 Challenge painting, CLICK HERE.


  1. The vine with the purple flowers is a clematis. Might be Jackamani----and old tried and true variety.

  2. LOVE your tour- wish I was visitting there right now!

  3. Yellow hollyhocks!!!! Go get me some seedd!!!!!