Saturday, June 01, 2013

145 Challenge - Figures


The time has come and I don't think I'm ready.
The one area where I feel a lack of mastery.

Mostly because I've always spent most of my artistic life painting 
landscapes, florals, churches, sunsets, pears, maybe a few animals, etc.
Leave the figures to the portrait artists and people who really like painting people.
Not me.

Figures are scary to me.

I would like to be be able to treat them just like a landscape,
blocking in shapes and shadows, not paying attention to the fact that there is 
a PERSON or PEOPLE in there and I have to make them look like

But I'm going to give it my best shot.
I am going to try to complete two figures a week for the 145 Challenge.
If they don't turn out, well, you probably won't be seeing them!

So bear with me while I experiment with painting people.
Oh, and I figured if I gave them titles, I would have to finish them!


This is a woman standing next to an outdoor flower shop.
I have painted this once before.
Maybe I can do better this time.


My first nude.
I'm a little scared.
Do I try to use Old Master techniques? Nah.
Do I try to be patient? Nah.
Do I just go for it and sling paint? YES!!

Even sketching is hard. 
I have art books on anatomy.
Do I want to use them? No.
Do I want to know every piece of sinew and bone in the human body? No.
I want my figures to have wonderful curves and lines.
To heck with structure.


This is a beautiful older woman straightening her jewelry 
under the portal at old Town.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your figures. These sketches are great.
    You have so much movement in your paintings I know they will be fabulous.

  2. I agree with Julie, Dee, your sketches are great. I think it's wonderful you talk about your fears and I can't wait to see the wonderful results as you "paint through your fear". You can do it lady!

    1. Thanks, guys. Going to start working tomorrow afternoon.