Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Time in - Time Out

This painting is untitled because I couldn't find a lot to be pleased with.
Too busy, too sloppy, not enough good composition on the truck 
(which would have been better had I spent more time drawing), 
not enough definition on the back tire, the list goes on.
Sometimes that just happens. 
But, the more I look at it, I think it's not SO bad, just not
one of my better efforts. 
Maybe it will even get a title!

oil on panel

Now, this one I like. 
I want to be in this spot, having tea with my daughters.

oil on panel

Now, this one I love.
Sometimes - it may seem like magic - I end up with a wonderful painting.
This one I barely sketched and the colors just flew.
This is a New Mexico orchard spring.
I probably couldn't duplicate it again if I tried.

oil on panel

I have NEVER done a panel painting this large.
Canvas yes, panel no.
I had to order these large panels from Raymar, their products are so great.
  Panels this large have to be special ordered.
I got mine from Raymar - and I love them.
I was NOT however, happy with the initial outcome of this piece.
It looked too boring - something wasn't right.
I went to bed and thought about it all night.

When I got up, I realized what was wrong.
It needed "fracturing."
This is a painting technique taught by my artist friend Julie Ford Oliver.
So I got to work early in the morning with a nifty little tool
 I made as per Julie's instructions.

It involves a window squeegie and a box cutter holder.
Let's just say that I "fractured" that painting GOOD.

Now, it is full of life and movement and is actually much warmer in person.

On another note - today I exercised, went to a meeting, 
and my daughter and granddaughter came over.
My granddaughter took a two and a half hour nap on my chest 
and let me tell you - nothing is better!

She is so fun! 
A toddler but still very much a baby.

So, after they left, I went out and played with the dogs,
who have been needing my attention.

We took a walk around the yard and I noticed some things:

 This chair is just waiting for me to sit and relax in it

 This walkway is just waiting for a studio tour so it can have lots of foot traffic

 This rose is about ready to burst into bloom

 This birdhouse needs a pole to get it up off the bench.
What bird wants to live in a house on a bench?

 This bee is really enjoying these flowers.
Can someone tell me the name of this bush?
It is red at the top (where the sun reaches it) and seems like a shrub.
It has these pretty white flowers every spring.

 Believe it or not, this is a nectarine.
They may not look pretty, but I had my first harvest last year,
and they are incredibly sweet.

 My doggies are happy that I'm way out by the end of the yard.
They love to eat the grass out here and dig in the dirt.
And bark at passing dogs.
And people walking.
And horses. And four wheelers.

 This is a budding cherry.
I hope we have a lot this year, the tree is covered in spent blooms.

 Here's Bella.
She loves her shadow.

 I think this is beautiful.
It's a spent dandelion flower.

I know a lot of people think of dandelions as weeds.
I don't agree.
We need them for bees.
They make great tea.
Let's keep the dandelions!

 These little seed heads are toys.
Blow on them and they fly all over the world.

Well, maybe we don't need THAT many dandelions.

So, like my "Grandma Gardener" says,
"Spend time in the studio and then get your butt outside and enjoy life."
Granny's got attitude - sorry.

Oh, and I also have a new post on my health blog:
Click HERE to visit that site.

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  1. Your blog today gave me great joy getting to know you, your family and your art even better. I had to smile at your comments about your unnamed truck painting. In a recent workshop with Bob Burridge, he referred to his painting failures as "Many are called and few are chosen." I want to sit a spell in the chair and talk to you about life.