Saturday, May 09, 2015


 I've been traipsing around the yard this morning,
looking at the flowers that are just starting to bloom.

Above is the beautiful lilac I got from all my kiddos last Mother's Day.
I can't remember the name of it, but the blooms are beautiful.
It does need a moat around it and a higher berm to hold the water in longer.

 This is a renegade rose bush.
You know the really pretty rose bushes you can buy?
The ones with the long, intricate names?
This is not one of those.
This is the one that the other pretty rose bush is grafted onto.
These hardy bushes sitting on the bottom of the pretty grafted rose bush 
seem to be much sturdier and longer-lasting.
The pretty rose bush grafted onto this one is long gone...
Here's to you, hearty rose bush!

 This one is right outside my studio door.
Always one of the first ones to bloom. 

I love to come and sit out here.
There's a Japanese Maple tree hanging over my old adirondack chair 
and it is absolutely the perfect spot to relax.

 I am thinking of painting another truck like this today.
I didn't like my first effort -
although someone did and they bought it.
I may try a better composition today and see what happens.

 Tomorrow is Mother's Day.
This is a pic of my mom when she was maybe 17-18.
I miss her every day and wish I could tell her 
how much I really loved her.
I wish she could meet my graddaughter Sawyer.

I didn't always do the right thing growing up and
I'm pretty sure I was a trial to her.
I don't think she knew what to do with me.
But I think she always did her best and she was one strong woman.
Sometimes I think we don't appreciate our mothers
 and all they do for us until they're gone.
The ONE person who cares the most about you, is always there for you, 
willing to sacrifice everything for you, and only wants the best for you.
I wish she had gotten to live her dreams a little more.
I love you mama.

What are YOU doing for Mother's Day?
I am thinking of taking a day trip!


  1. I loved your blog today. Don't take a day trip without me. But today I am going to return to an old practice of mine: Sunday morning sitting in a large comfy chair at Barnes & Noble, reading new spiritual books while in a quiet meditative state.

    My mother died when I was a child. I have neutral feelings about her, feeling neither loved or unloved. I don't know enough about her.

  2. I gave my mom a pretty hard way to go, too. Thank goodness mothers have forgiving hearts. Your pretty mom would love your sweet tribute to her. Thanks for the beautiful photos today. My hubby is sick & our daughter has to work, so a leisurely stroll through the garden center sounds good.