Saturday, April 11, 2015


oil on panel

I don't know if you've noticed, but I am working my way up in size.
I started with 8x8s and this is a 12x9.
I can't imaging using a knife with a 30x30 or 48x48!

My painting life has become exciting again.
For a long time (almost a whole year),
I lost my painting motivation and mojo.

It took learning a new skill, 
leaving a gallery that I had been with almost 14 years
(that takes a whole lot of courage),
and choosing a different path for myself.
I almost feel like I had to reinvent myself to go on.

So, I am learning the palette knife.
I've joined a couple of palette knife groups on facebook.
I've gone through and read my old books on knife painting.
I've checked out the paintings of artists whose work I admire.
I am even attending a palette knife painter's demo and
I have never done anything like that before!

I am also back on a quest to lose weight so my knees aren't so painful.
So I can walk farther and hike a little to get to those
scenes that I can't reach right now.

I have signed up for what feels like a million paint outs to places like:
Ghost Ranch
Los Poblanos
Bosque del Apache
Sante Fe and Canyon Road
Valle Caldera
Pilar and the Rio Grande

These are just a few of the cool locations!
I will also be painting at homes during the 
Corrales Garden Tour coming up in June.

I am also participating in an invitational Garden Show 
in Albuquerque coming up this summer.

So if you see me out in the landscape
with a knife in my hand,
looking a little lost - 
come on over and say hello.
Maybe we can sit in our chairs, enjoy a snack, 
and take in the lovely view of my painting location..... 
and I think my old buddy Tom would be proud
that I have taken on this new and exciting direction.


  1. Love the energy in your work! Sounds like an exciting fresh direction for you. Wishing the best for one of my favorite artists!

  2. You can do those big ones with a palette too. Just get some BIG ones. They're on my list for my next online order. Going to get some unstretched canvas, tack it up on the wall of my studio and paint BIG. Can't wait!

  3. Thank you both! I am really excited about my new direction/