Tuesday, June 02, 2015

onward to the flowers...


This is Garden Three of the plein air painters walking tour of the 
beautiful gardens that we'll be painting this weekend.

 Hollyhocks next to the garden gate

 Beautiful white hollyhocks next to the adobe wall

 Garden sculpture

 This house has SO many beautiful succulent plants!

 Spanish broom and roses

 Not sure what this is, but it's so cute

 Garden fencing with all kinds of roses and trees

 Hanging succulents

 Aren't these gorgeous with the sun shining through?


 fish and pond

 yarrow and cactus

 A cool old truck I found down the road


This is actually a garden where I'll be painting, so
I was looking for nice shady sports with good scenery.


Naquaiya said...

lovely Dee, summer is here.

Karen L. Bates said...

Absolutely fabulous! Lovely photos and I can just see the paintings you will make in my mind!!!