Saturday, June 27, 2015

News Flash


I delivered my paintings to Sumner and Dene Gallery for the
upcoming Architecture today and I can't wait to see the show next week.

But, as any other artists knows - 
as soon as paintings are dropped off, we
start thinking about the next THING.

My next show will be a solo show in November titled,

 Landscapes from Taos and Beyond"

So, that is written on my white board.
Those paintings will be plein air and studio on gallery wrap canvas.
I love Taos and all surrounding areas, so this will be like play for me!

AND - I am starting daily paintings again.
I'm aiming for one a day but there may be interruptions.
Like a brand new granddaughter in July.
And possible knee surgery in January.
These small aintings will be available on on my art blog.
All other paintings will be available at Sumner and Dene Gallery.

But right now I have a question......
Would you rather see these small 6x6 and 6x8
paintings up for auction for a few days or with a Paypal Buy Now 
button that you can use to purchase immediately?
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I am anxious to get started and am waiting for a new truck to make into my 
"Paintmobile" to take me all over New Mexico and beyond!

Life is good right now....

Oh, and I HAD to add these images after I posted,
the sunset tonight was crazy beautiful!!

 my mailbox!


  1. Hi Dee...good post! I have been wondering the same thing about the auction or buy now. Personally I would rather have the Paypal Buy Now option.I usually put mine on auction and I used to sell great that way but not so much now. I'm not sure of the reason, I know there are a lot that start with a low bid.
    I'll be interested to see the feedback.

  2. I like the Buy Now button too - it's so much easier than trying to keep track of auctions. I do see some bids way too low - not doing that. But it will be interesting to see if others respond.

  3. I have had fantastic luck on Etsy. But, it does take time and a little extra work to be found there. I think a PayPal button would be better than an auction. It seems people think "auction" as give away. I see so many paintings by excellent artists that go for $10-$30 in an auction.

    Every so often, I list some small paintings in an auction on DPW at 10-20% lower than my Etsy price, but they never sell there. I do however, have customers on Etsy who found me on DPW. Whatever you choose....good luck. Your work is soooo cool!

  4. I'm with you and Karen. I like the Buy Now button, too, and think some of the auction bids have been ridiculously low. And if someone wants to buy your painting, why should they have to jump through hoops? Congratulations on the upcoming new arrival to your family. And thanks for the sunset...

  5. Those sunset pics are totally gorgeous!!!!!

  6. Buy Now button it is!
    Thanks, guys...
    And Vic, those sunsets are incredible - I often miss even watching for them, but when I do....