Friday, June 05, 2015

last garden walk through


Yesterday I toured the last garden in Corrales.
I am actually painting at this one, so I took a little
extra time to look at spaces and shady spots to see where I might 
fit in and stay out of the line of tour foot traffic.

 This is a view of the Corrales graveyard.
I think it's beautiful and serene.

 Beautiful potted flowers.

  A sweet little birdbath surrounded by flowers

 Here is their exposed adobe wall that looks toward the Sandia mountains.

 A person escaping from the ground.

 A garden gnome escaping from the ground.

 Cool sculputal lizard gate.

 Not sure what these are but they reminded me of wildflower fields.

 Guardian of the garden.

 Maybe Jupiter's Beard?

 Behind the wall, there are lovely clumps of sage.

 Another view of flowers in the rock garden.

 I always love flowers against a grey background.
Not sure what these are.
They kind of look like snapdragons.

 I really want to paint this scene but it is next to a sidewalk
and right in the line of traffic flow.
I'll have to see when I get there in the morning.

 Awesome "tree" gate

 Sun sculpture
The only negative about this garden is there are no trees for shade.
Not one.
I will have to definitely bring my umbrella!

 Of course, I had to take a couple of photos of Corrales while I was there.
Meandering acequia

 Just grass and trees but I want to make a painting of this.

 Blue gate at the Corrales Winery.
I wanted to paint this last fall during a group paint out,
but never got the chance. I will try it soon.

 Vineyards at the Corrales Winery.

 Okay, these are not at one of the gardens or even in Corrales.
These beautiful cactus are just around the corner in my neighborhood.
I drive by these all the time, and I bet most people never even notice them.

Since I usually always carry a "real" camera around with me
(I dislike using my iphone camera),  
I am always on the lookout for unseen things that might be beautiful.

 This is a almost full-blooming cholla cactus.

A regular old prickly pear cactus.
It is beautiful in the midday Albuquerque sun.

Well - a couple of things...
Tonight is the opening of Sumner and Dene's GARDEN SHOW!
I am an invited Guest Artist and will be at the opening reception from 5-8pm.
Please join us and come on out and view all of the paintings.
It's going to be spectacular!

This Sunday, I will be painting at the Corrales Garden Tour.
Tickets are $10 and the tour is from 9am - 4pm
Come and watch us paint!

Sumner and Dene is located at 517 Central NW, 
on Central between 5th and 6th streets, near the Kimo Theater.


  1. I love the stone wall with the "barred" window in it. It's looks old but may not be.

    The local garden club here is having their annual garden tour late this month and my garden is on it. We will also be having an artist in each of the gardens painting on one of the tour days. Wish the artist for my garden could be you.

  2. I so enjoy your blog. I have never been to New Mexico and your gorgeous photos of your surroundings leave me speechless. New Mexico is now on my bucket list!

  3. The sixth garden seems so perfect for you Dee. Your paintings of NM, desert flowers and sculptural pieces are just outstanding. I cannot wait to see your paintings from this garden.

    I saw the Sumner Dene show yesterday evening and you were the STAR. Your body of work there just screamed: "look at me, look at my color brilliance, the thick paint, and my creator's consistent view of NM." I loved this for you and know your art will fly out the door to your many collectors and just keep talking to the new owners.

  4. Fabulous cacti.....I see lots of paintings coming up. Have a fun evening!