Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I pass by this funky little adobe house almost every day. It fronts an extremely busy street, so there was no time to stop and set up my easel. I just snapped the shot driving down the street (dangerous), went down to the open space about four blocks away, parked, set up my paints in the front seat of my car and went to work. I set the camera on the dashboard and sketched in the image. I'm working with gessoboard instead of canvas and I like them. The camera kept turning off my itself after a certain amount of time, which was frustrating! So now I have a good underpainting and I hope to finish this one tonight. The lilacs are incredible in person, by the way. And I decided I like painting in the front seat of my car - it kind of brings everything up close and personal. The only bad thing is the paint on the steering wheel. Good things it's acrylic!

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